Painting Now Dead Tomorrow, is an exhibition of augmented reality oil paintings. Using smart phones as frames, the paintings displayed continue on the screen and through the gallery space as digital installations. The show was conceived as an investigation into the phone screen as a continued surface of the canvas, an interactive lens for the audience and a look into the obsolescence of each new iteration of tech. 

Paintings available on Artsy courtesy of LatchKey Gallery

Reviewed by Audra Lambert on ANTE

PAINTINGS (oil on material, sans augmentation)


Computer Vision: Alerts & Calls, oil on canvas, each 32"x36" with augmented digital assets viewed through smartphone and Fragale App. Based on 3 paintings from the MET Museum; Manfredi, Pissarro, Rothko

Photo: David Engelhardt

Photo: David Engelhardt

Cypress & The Wolf, oil on canvas, 68" x 60". Augmented painting Unity & Tilt Brush

Photo/ Video: David Engelhardt





Photo: David Engelhardt


Kellogg's NYC Painting Commission: Murals & Oil Portraits


360 Drawings for Virtual Realityconte crayon on paper 30"x60" from the series Toxic Water: Toms River, NJ

Post from RICOH THETA. - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Chalk: Temporary Mural Commissions