Tilt Brush Live at The Met

Tilt Brush Live and AR for GE

AR Chalk Drawing: Alice In Wonderland

360 Photo From Tech Rehearsal

Check out the space, tap or click to spin around the 360 photo, zoom and full screen on the bottom right
Extreme Measures: MET Fridays Tilt Brush VR Drawing Steven Fragale #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA


Google Tilt Brush at the MET

Google's Tilt Brush is painting like you dreamed about as a kid; the laws of physics are cast aside, paint suspends in air above your head while shadows fall on billowing globs of digital paint. 

I used Tilt Brush to create a series of immersive sketchbook style drawings based on works in the MET's collection.

I was inspired to draw a Calder gallery with some of my favorites including, wire armatures from The Circus. I brought in the fields of France in Pissarro's Jalais Hill, Pontoise and Turner's hauntingly beautiful Whalers. My favorite to draw was the Eharo Mask of the Elema People of Papua New Guinea.

By taking the mirror tools and throwing it into a twirl, I realized I had a lathe and used that to sketch a French vase adorned with golden goat heads. I recorded a quick drum track underneath because playing a drum kit and drawing in Tilt Brush, that's a really fun day.

Below is an exported OBJ of the Calder room from the video. It is the 3D data generated from painting in Tilt Brush. Every stroke and surface is captured and the space becomes navigable through SketchFab's viewer.