Working with the Media Lab and exhibitions department at the MET, I drew an architectural mock up of a west facing gallery currently holding sculptures on loan from around the world in the Pergamon show.

The gallery has a wall of windows overlooking Central Park. For the past several decades a temporary wall has blocked the windows protecting many works from UV exposure. For this exhibition, featuring many sculptures often displayed in natural light, the backdrop of the park and Cleopatra's Needle was a welcomed asset in highlighting the works. To get approval we needed to show what the space might look and feel like.

Below is a 3D model with the walls and most of the ceiling peeled back to allow the viewer to navigate the space. Viewing options in the bottom right, allow for the user to view in split stereoscopic VR mode in Google cardboard or other Virtual Reality headset to actually be able to walk in the space.

Here are a few of the renderings from the model depicting daytime in the gallery with pedestals in place. Art was not able to be shared in public renders as art is currently on loan.