Augmented Reality App

Apps are currently being updated to focus solely on the Computer Vision Painting series and will be available early spring

Visit VR/AR page for demos and more!

Using your smart phone with the Fragale app open, point your phone camera at an image target shown below explore an array of digital experiences merging with the world around you.

Open the app, click the 'Ok, let's see it' button to start augmenting! 

Image targets below can be viewed on a desktop screen, printed out, projected, or visited in real life.

Image Targets: View In App

Some image targets are meant to be viewed on the wall or computer screen. Others show best printed and laying flat on a table top where the digital sculpture floats above.

Below: Alice In Wonderland; Chalk with chalk assets/ 5 Figures from The Metropolitan Musuem of Art's copyist program, chalk, Zbrush, Tilt Brush, AR/ MAGA Hat Printed Not Procured, Trump Tweets in AR, Washington Square Park Chalk AR Mural on view at Market Table NYC/ Market Table, Clam, Little Owl and flower paintings for AR lunch at Google/ So It Begins, Conte and pencil Tilt Brush AR/ A New Frame, Photoshop


Designed for The MET's 3d scanned assets + a Calder inspired Tilt Brush drawing to walk through. These work best on the floor or table top. A tablet on a table works great!  Last piece for the Calder Inspired Room, best viewed on floor. Look up too-