Augmented Reality App for Public Works

Fragale App is now featuring two collaborative augmented reality works with artist, Alan Michelson for the exhibition, Wolf Nation at The Whitney Museum in NYC. Sapponckanikan, a gps located digital installation is now activated in the lobby. To view, download the application, accept camera and location permissions. This will allow your position in the museum to activate the digitally dormant scene around you. Press play. On the 5th floor, Town Destroyer, a 4' x 18' wallpaper contains augmented reality video and spatial audio that emerges from the bust of George Washington. Spatial audio begins 60 sec in. Please have your ringer on or the audio will not play.

Please note, after downloading the app it may take 10 - 20 seconds to load the title page. The app has stored and is loading both works so as soon as the camera lens is open you can view them without waiting for load times in the galleries. Sapponckanikan has a tendency to shift using gps. It’s a bit like the blue dot on a map app

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